My first Amarya Natural Beauty Box May 2013

After hearing a lot about beauty boxes recently, I realised getting a beauty box every month would be a great way to try new products. The problem was that I didn't want to cave in and subscribe to a box which may send me products containing potentially harmful ingredients, so I did my research and found a natural and organic beauty box from a company called Amarya. Today was the day I received my very first Amarya Beauty Box!

What's in the box:

I was really impressed with the contents, especially in terms of getting your money's worth! This beauty box cost me £12.50 (including P&P) and the contents are in total worth around £19 - great value for money :)

So far I have already tried the soap and the body butter, but I will be doing a full review of these products once I have tried them out a few more times! (Update: I've now reviewed each of these products in more detail here)

If anyone else has used these products before please leave a comment/tweet and let me know what you thought of them!

(You can subscribe to the Amarya Beauty Box here)


  1. Amarya is a fantastic beauty box. I've had a few in the past but I'm hoping to join back up as I really do enjoy trying out new products especially those of natural/organic origin :)


    1. It's a brilliant way to try new products that you might not usually go for otherwise! x


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