MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream

Elbows, knees and heels are all areas which are prone to dryness and are often left neglected. This wonderfully rich MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream (currently exclusive to is made to specifically target these areas, working deep into the skin to provide a much needed moisture boost.
I'm so pleased to have discovered this cream in the limited edition abeautifulbox Summer Sampler beauty box. Not only are MuLondon products natural, organic and highly concentrated, they're also vegan, cruelty-free and made without preservatives right here in the UK.

I've been using this only once or twice per week and can already see and feel a great difference - so much so that I'm not sure how I lived without it! It smells so good (vanilla and cocoa scented) and the ingredients are simply: Shea Butter (sourced from a community project in Ghana), Coconut Butter, Jojoba Oil, Carnauba Wax, Rosemary Extract, Vanilla Extract and Cocoa Extract. 

Now I can safely say I am enamoured by MuLondon's principles and wonderfully pure ingredients and I'm intrigued to try some of their other products. If you're in the market for wonderfully soft feet, knees and elbows then this is definitely the product for you!
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  1. Wow this sounds amazing!

    Hannah x

  2. This sounds lovely! I've used the Mu London White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser and it was amazing x

  3. Sounds really lovely :) Have to try some of their products, they look amazing :) xx

  4. Sounds amazing - love multi purpose products like this :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. How nice! Sounds like a very interesting brand and I would be curious to try this product :)
    Ila x

  6. mmm... white chocolate!! Gutted I missed the A Beautiful World sample box, signed up for the next one though. :)

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord

  7. I so need this! My elbows are always dry no matter how much lotion I put on!

    Great post! I’m your newest follower. Would love for you to check out my blog & follow back :)
    Coffee Kisses, xoxo
    Lattes & Lacee

  8. I would never have thought about buying something specifically for my elbows/knees!
    But that is brilliant!! It's also nice to know it's vegan, cruelty free, etc.

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  9. Sounds interesting, I'm very curious about it! :)
    I would like to invite you to join my giveaway and win a pair of glasses from! Visit me soon! :))

  10. Mmm this sounds like it would smell so nice! I'm going to go off and have a look at some of their other products now! x

  11. Interesting..
    I never heard of tthis before.
    It looks like it would have a wonderful smell!
    I hope it's available in the US!

  12. Wow this sounds amazing! and super yummy haha! :-) I have bookmarked sounds interesting you have an amazing blog now following would love if you followed back if you like mine too! :) xx


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