August Wishlist: The Birthday Edit

So this month's wish list is kind of a birthday wish list for me as I'll be celebrating that certain little occasion in just under 2 weeks! I don't actually expect to get any of this for my birthday, but a girl can dream right?!

  • Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm (£20.00): I've been looking for a new balm cleanser to try so I've decided on this Balance Me Face Balm as Gemma (Gemma Means Jewel) has recommended this one on her blog a few times now. It's an oil based balm cleanser which sounds perfect for removing makeup at the end of the day!

  • Konjac Sponge (£6.99): This is simply made with 100% Konjac plant root. I'm really curious to try one of these out as lots of other bloggers have been talking about this recently.

  • Bodhi Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub (£35.00): I've read sooo many fabulous reviews of this product I have to try it for myself! It sounds amazingly luxurious and after my first experience of Bodhi with the Jasmine Falls products (reviewed here) I just know I won't be disappointed! 

  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara (£15.00): This is one I just have to get on Mayah's recommendation (Call It Vanity) - from her review it pretty much sounds amazing! I've tried a couple of natural mascaras but they've all been a bit rubbish to be honest so I'm hoping this will be "the one"!

  • NEOM Invigorate Home Candle (£39.50): I know the travel sized version of this candle (mentioned in my July Loves post) has been on my wish list before, but since purchasing that one I've totally fallen in love with the scent and reaaaaally want the larger three wick candle! It's super pricey though so definitely one to cross my fingers for to get as a birthday gift. 

  • Nvey Eco High Definition Cake Eyeliner (£16.50): Another product I've heard mentioned a lot by other green bloggers. It's a mineral eyeliner you apply with an eyeliner brush that can be used dry for a subtle look or wet to create a more dramatic line. I have my eye on loads of other Nvey Eco products too!


What's on your wishlist this month?
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  1. I hope you get lot's of lovely things for your birthday, I wasn't expecting to any beauty related things but I actually some some great gifts so you may be surprised :) Xx

  2. Ah that mascara sounds really interesting! Hope you get everything you want for your birthday lovely! x

  3. That cleanser looks great, I might have to buy that! xx

  4. Hope you get what you wish for ;)

  5. Ahhh I'm literally posting a birthday wishlist today too lol, August babies think alike! Thanks for mentioning me lovely! I'm sure you'll absolutely adore the Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Balm! :) I love the Bodhi scrub and the Nvey Eco eyeliner cake too! I have the eyeliner cake in brown and use it everyday for my eyebrows as well :)

    Gem x

  6. I really want to try that cleanser I've read a few blogs that recommend it! I'm also intrigued about those konjac sponges! I've just bought some cleansing pads from Lucy Rose to save on cotton pads! They look so cool like little flying saucers haha! I hope you get some lovely things for you birthday x

  7. Hope you get you Birthday wishes & Happy Birthday! I have my eye on the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara also, I may make a cheeky order next month.

    Laura xo

  8. I absolutely love the konjac sponges. I was just in China and bought 6 at Sasa:) As a fellow beauty lover who's trying to make the transition to more natural products, I'm thrilled to find another blogger who's doing the same. Love your blog!


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