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A few weeks ago I did a guest post over on Annabel's blog, Fragmented Splendour. The post was just featured in Amazine's newsletter the other day and it reminded me I should share it here on my blog too incase you missed it! I'm basically just talking about a few of my natural beauty favourites that I would struggle to live without!

Probably the highest up on my list of essentials is Coconut Oil. If you don't already have a jar of this in your home you seriously need to go out and buy some! The best stuff to get is cold-pressed pure virgin organic Coconut Oil. It usually comes in quite big jars and it's solid at room temperature so I like to transfer some into a smaller tub for day to day use as it's just easier! There are sooo many different uses for it (I posted about this here a while ago) but my personal favourites are as a cleanser, moisturiser, hair mask and for cooking with!

My latest HG natural beauty find is the Jane Iredale PureLash Extender and Conditioner (reviewed here). Basically it's a white-coloured primer for your eyelashes before you apply mascara. Honestly, be prepared for the best looking eyelashes you've ever had! Most natural mascaras I've tried have been pretty lacking in the volume and length department, but slap on a coat of this beforehand and you have eyelashes to rival the results from some of the best high street (and high end!) mascaras.

Yarok's Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum (reviewed here) is also a must-have for me. It's simply a blend of Pure Avocado, Apricot Kernel, Ylang Ylang, Yarrow, Orange Blossom and Bitter Orange oils which are perfect for moisturising dry hair and removing any product build-up. I just rub a few droppers full of this into my hair and scalp once per week and leave for 10 minutes before washing and conditioning as usual. This stuff is has done such a good job at improving the condition of my hair I just had to include it in this list.

Another essential I think everyone should have in their beauty stash is Trilogy's Rosehip Oil. It's one of those products you need to persevere with to see the results, but with continued use you should be left with a more even skin tone. Rosehip Oil is particularly famed for encouraging growth and repair of skin tissue, so if you have scarring using this once or twice per day can really help to fade them after a few months!

I don't think an essentials list is complete without a lip balm (slight lip balm obsessive over here!), so finally there's one of my favourites, EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm. I love this one for the strong fruity scent but there are also plenty of other flavours/scents to choose from. These lip balms are 100% natural and 95% organic so you know you're not ending up with any horrible chemicals in your mouth (ew!). It's always nice to have a bit of a change from the usual lip balm stick to these cool little spheres too!

So those are a few of my natural beauty essentials! 

What are your natural beauty essentials?

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  1. I love rosehip oil! I wish more people knew about it. It's jam packed with Vitamin A which is a natural equivalent to Retinol for anti-aging! Love this stuff. Great post!

  2. I loooove the eos lip balms. I own all of them and couldn't be happier with myself lol

    Kristina |Beauty With Compassion

  3. The EOS balms seem amazing. I haven't tried any of them yet but the Honeysuckle smells amazing! Xx

  4. Yarok is everywhere! I MUST try this brand already. The names of their products make me feel like I'm doing something really good for my hair - like feeding it! Great selection of other products too. You can never go wrong with coconut oil. It's sure to transport you to a beautiful island getaway as soon as you rub it between your palms. Lovely post <3

  5. I really want to try and EOS lip balm!

    Hannah x

  6. The scalp treatment sounds amazing! I love your selection :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  7. Great post, that hair serum sounds amazing, also tempted by the rosehip oil as well!


  8. Great products I would want them all!! I still need to buy a EOS lip balm and I definitely need to try the rosehip oil because I feel like my skin needs some more help lately if that makes sense :)




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