abeautifulbox Winter Sampler 2013

If you've been reading my blog for quite a while you might remember my post about abeautifulbox Summer Sampler. Incase you're new here though, abeautifulworld (an amazing online retailer for organic and natural beauty products) release a limited edition beauty box twice a year including a selection of their best high performance beauty products.

I was so excited when the A/W box went on sale yesterday that I literally ordered one from my bed as soon as I woke up! Being limited edition I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out... it's a good job I got in there quickly as they have already sold out!

Now for the part where I reveal what's inside my box! Contents vary from box to box so I'll be interested to hear what anyone else got in theirs. Like the last sampler, the products came packaged in a bright pink box (these boxes are perfect for extra storage for your beauty products - I use my last box to store nail polish!)

I really couldn't be happier with the contents and I'm sure you can see why! The box only cost £20.00 but all the products inside are worth £72.00! Amazing value for money yet again. What's even better for me is all of the products are a mix of a couple of things I already love, but also a lot of products I had my eye on and really wanted to try. I can't wait to test everything out and review it all for you!

Did you manage to get hold of the Winter Sampler before it sold out? What do you think?

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  1. Oh such a tease, I can't wait to receive mine! All the products look great x

  2. Ooohhh it looks great! Mine arrived but I was at work so hopefully they will bring tomorrow, I will confess that even though I am on a spending ban I ordered two of these boxes lol! I did always know that I was going to indulge though, love ABW :) Xx

  3. I missed it by one day! ;'( They sold out too quickly. The beauty products in that box looks awesome. Haha, I thought the bag looks kind of like a smiley face :)

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  4. The products really look fantastic! I'm jealous :) enjoy xx

    Ila x


  5. Oh, so jealous! I provided my email to get notified when the S/S '14 sampler comes out :) xx

  6. I'm so happy with everything. An amazing box x

  7. Oohh amazing, literally cannot wait for mine to come through the post!!

  8. I was so happy with my box too! I've just popped up my post of what I got in mine :)


  9. Wow this box sounds amazing! This sounds like the one for me

    Roshni’s Journey

  10. Looks like a great box! Also, at first glance I totally thought they had a giant smiley face on the bag until I realized it was just the handles :)

  11. I'm so sad that I missed this! Completely forgot to put my name on the waiting list when the last box came out. Looks amazing value for money! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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