NOTD: Zoya Noot

The weather has taken a miserable turn in my neck of the woods so I've been finding myself  more drawn to darker nail polish shades to match. Zoya's Noot is one of my favourite dark shades due to it's subtle colour changing abilities.

It's from Zoya's Autumn/Fall collection from last year so definitely appropriate for this time of year. At nighttime it pretty much looks like a plain old black, but catch it in the right light or just during the day and you can see it's true colour - a very dark but very gorgeous green toned grey. My photo above just doesn't quite do the colour justice!

As with most Zoya polishes, the formula couldn't get much more perfect. It has a cream finish and is opaque in just one coat (I usually do 2 coats though just out of habit!). I'm definitely going to be wearing this one a lot over the next couple of months!

What do you think of Noot? Do you own any similar shades?

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  1. Zoya is such an amazing brand and the range of shades is incredible. This is on my list of things to buy, and it looks beautiful on you! Xx

  2. Goodness this color is just stunning and perfect for fall. Your blog layout is gorgeous by the way!

  3. Love this colour! Very autumn :)

  4. Oh wow, I love this colour, dark green is pretty much my favourite colour.

    Ila x

  5. That's a gorgeous colour! I'm going to buy some Zoya shades for Christmas - I'm thinking a deep matte red & green! x

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous colour. I absolutely love these darker shades :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  7. This colour is...incredible!! Absolutely perfect for Autumn. I don't own a polish like this and definitely want to get a similar shade. Maybe I'll get the Zoya one as I've never tried any of their polishes.

    Hannah x

  8. Love the shade, so prefect for this time of year! :) x


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