Christmas Green Beauty Swap 2013

I couldn't be more excited about publishing this blog post today! I've been wanting to organise a beauty swap for a while now as they seem like so much fun and thought the run up to Christmas would be the perfect time. I've been working together with Tania from Bow Tied Beauty to come up with all the details to make it happen!

This swap is a little different from the rest as we're organising it especially for green beauty lovers. We thought it would be really exciting to do international swaps too so we're leaving that option open! If you're a natural beauty blogger or would like to participate in this green beauty swap just read through the info below and leave a comment with your details :)

How it will work:
1. Leave a comment at the bottom of the post to say you'd like to take part, along with your email address and whether you'd prefer to do a UK or International swap. The last day to sign up is 20th November. 

 2. You will be randomly paired up with another blogger and we will send you their contact details. From there you can agree a budget between yourselves for your swap and let each other know if you have any allergies or specific ingredients you prefer to avoid.

3. Get shopping for gifts! Be sure to chat with your swap partner to find out their likes/dislikes so you can get them something they'll love!

4. Post your parcel to your swap partner - make sure you send it with enough time to arrive before Christmas!

5. Open your swap parcel on Christmas Day and enjoy your new goodies! (You can even open it up before if you just can't wait ;) ) If you have a blog it would be great if you write a blog post about what you received to share with us!

Extra guidelines:
  • We would recommend sending your parcel by recorded delivery if you can. That way it can avoid parcels going missing and your swap partner will be able to track the parcel. 
  • Make sure you package everything securely with plenty of padding, especially if you're sending internationally! 
  • Also be sure to check what you can/can't send if posting abroad to avoid any customs issues. e.g. nail polish cannot be sent out of the UK by Royal Mail and there are even restrictions on sending it inside the UK. 
Christmas Green Beauty Swap

If you'd like to help get more people involved feel free to tweet about the swap with the hashtag #greenbeautyswap or you can grab the code above and add this button to your blog sidebar to help spread the word :)

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  1. I can't wait I would love to join in on this! My e-mail is and I would prefer a UK swap :) x

  2. I would love to take part! My email is and I would prefer an international swap xx

  3. I would love to participate girls ! My email is
    I would prefer a UK swop please Thenks my lovelies Jenny xx

  4. I would like to take part my email is and I would prefer UK swap but I don't mind a US swap. Laura xo

  5. Hi, I'd love to take part in a swop. Xxx

  6. I'd love to take part and would prefer a UK swap.

  7. Oh yaaay! Sounds awesome! I'm happy for UK swap or international!

  8. Ooooh great idea Ria, definitely going to share this once my internet is up! Just use as my email address and I would prefer an international swap please :)

    Mayah x

  9. I would love to take part and would prefer a UK swap :)

    Great idea ladies Xx

  10. Hey, just realized I never gave my details! I'd love to take part in a UK swap - my email is x

  11. Thanks for organizing! Would love to participate in the international swap (I'm U.S.-based - Washington, DC).

  12. Great idea. I would love to be involved. Probably prefer an international swap....x

  13. Hi there! I know i'm a little bit late on this one, but I would like to partecipate in the swap. I'm from EU and I guess I would prefer international swap. If I'm not too late, here's my e-mail: nina.skvarc(at)


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