NOTD/Tutorial: Firework Inspired Nail Art

Approaching the 5th November, all I can hear outside in the evenings is fireworks going off. Now I'll admit I'm actually not a huge fan of fireworks, especially the loud bangs, but they do look pretty so it inspired me to attempt some nail art.

Left to right: Barry M Black (NP47), Zoya Arizona, Zoya Pippa, Barry M Gold Glitter (NP339).  

Step 1: Start off with an undercoat to avoid staining. Then you want to get an opaque black canvas - I used 2 coats of Barry M's Black Nail Paint.

Step 2: Once that's dry, use a thin brush with some yellow nail polish (I used Zoya's Pippa) to paint some curved lines. Start from the center of the nail, but leave a slight gap in the middle.

Step 3: With the same brush, or another if you prefer, paint in some more curved lines in between the yellow with an orange polish like Zoya's Arizona. (I was actually tempted to finish the look at this point but wanted to add some glitter to make it look more of an explosion!)

Step 4: Let that all dry fully, then go over the whole nail with a coat of Barry M's Gold Glitter Nail Paint. I was a little heavy handed and used more glitter than I was aiming for but you get the idea!

What do you think of my firework inspired nail art? Will you be trying this look?

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  1. Love the accent nail - really gorgeous and great with the pics as a tutorial! Xx

  2. Love the accent nail - really gorgeous and great with the pics as a tutorial! Xx

  3. Although I don't wear nail polish myself, I just love that design! x

  4. They look so cool, you're so good at nails! My dog is currently barking her head off at all the fireworks :( poor little thing! x

  5. Love this idea it is great for coming winter and new years xx


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