Festive Snowman Nails

Yesterday I felt like getting creative so ended up painting my nails in this festive little snowman inspired theme! I managed to take some photos in the dim winter light while I was waiting for each stage to dry so I put together a little step by step guide incase any of you fancy recreating this look!

First up of course you need a selection of nail polish! From left to right I used: Zoya Blu, Barry M Matte White, Nails Inc. Big Apple Red, Barry M Black and Zoya Arizona. I decided on a pale blue for the base but I think it would look good with other colours too.

1. Paint your base colour and let dry.

2. Using a thin brush and white polish paint the shape of the snowman (+ snowflakes/snowy polka dots on the other nails if you fancy!)

3. Paint the snowman's scarf and Santa hat with a red nail polish.

4. Finish off the snowman with black buttons, eyes and mouth, an orange nose and a little white bobble on the end of his Santa hat!

What do you think of my festive nail art attempt? Will you be painting your nails for Christmas?

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