Sample Stash #10 - The Makeup Edition

My excessive sample stash mostly consists of skincare, but lately I've been reaching for a few makeup samples as somehow I feel like I don't have enough makeup! I love makeup samples as you can usually get a couple of weeks worth of use out of them to properly figure out if they're the one for you. I've been trying a couple of mineral bronzers, a concealer and a mineral foundation:

Lily Lolo Bronzer in South Beach (full size RRP £13.49) - As I'm sure you can tell from the swatch this is far too warm-toned and orangey for me! I might just about be able to get away with it in the summer but even then I would probably look too orange... this is a sample to pass along to someone else I think!

Lily Lolo Bronzer in Waikiki (full size RRP £13.49) - I swatched it heavily for the above photo but with my pale skin I only need to use the smallest amount on my face to give a really lovely sun-kissed glow. I like that it can be built up though and it has that gorgeous subtle sheen without being all disco-ball sparkle! A potential full size purchase is on the cards!

Vapour Illusionist Concealer in 010 (full size RRP £20.00) - I keep falling in and out of love with this concealer. Some days I like it, other days it just seems to emphasise imperfections! It doesn't look like it in the swatch, but I think the shade may actually be too light for me so I'll be getting a sample of the 020 shade to check! It has a pink undertone and is quite a sheer concealer I found, with not quite enough coverage for me at the moment. I'm hoping the darker shade will work better for me!

Inika Mineral Foundation in Unity (full size RRP £27.50) - Unity and I are a total match made in heaven! This is the only natural foundation I've tried that is a perfect match for my skin tone! It can be built up without looking cakey and provides me with really good medium-full coverage. I wish the full size wasn't so pricey, but unless I can find a cheaper alternative I will be purchasing this as I really do love it! Do any of you use the shade Unity? If you do I'd love to hear what shades you've found from other brands that are a similar match!

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  1. Waikiki looks like a gorgeous bronzer. I also like to say waikiki. Waikiki.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Lovely post! I also have a few Vapour samples and as much as I love the Vapour eye products, the concealers are too sheer for me. My favourite concealer/foundation is Rms un cover-up. The price is quite steep, but it's the only product I use now :) x Liz

  3. Inika fondation looks very nice! will check their website :-)


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