January Wish List

January's wish list is a little way of torturing myself with the thought of products I would love to try, but can't get just yet! Throughout this month I'm joining a group of other bloggers for #NoBuyJanuary - as you can probably guess, that entails buying no new products (unless absolutely essential) during the whole month. We're now a week in and I'm feeling like this month will actually be easier than I thought as I have plenty of products to use up and it also gives me a chance to test out some products I have in my collection, but still haven't tried yet! Of course there's always things to add to my wish list, so here's January's selection:

  1. Deep Steep Grapefruit and Bergamot Sugar Scrub (226g RRP £9.95): I've never tried any Deep Steep products before but heard a lot of great things. I was looking for a new body scrub and came across this on Naturisimo. Citrus products are always a winner for me and with it's really decent price too I'll definitely be picking this up once January is over.

  2. Neal's Yard Remedies Lengthening Mascara (7ml £16.00): My current Green People mascara (reviewed here) is on it's last legs so I want to give something new a try. I only recently realised that Neal's Yard have a makeup range alongside their skincare! I love the sound of their lengthening mascara which is "clinically proven to lengthen lashes by up to 85%" - I'll be testing this out at some point in the near future!

  3. Christopher Drummond Duo-Phase Concealer (7g $22.50/approx. £14.00): I first heard about this concealer on Britanie's blog and again on Mary's blog recently too. Both ladies really know what they're talking about when it comes to natural beauty products so of course I want to try all the products they love! With this concealer promising much higher coverage than most I just have to get my hands on it!

  4. Body Brush: I came across the concept of dry body brushing a few months ago and I'm intrigued to try it out! It's said to be great for improving circulation, exfoliating and encouraging cell renewal along with many other benefits. The one in the image above is from Aromatherapy Associates but I haven't decided on a brand yet! Are there any brushes in particular you would recommend?

  5. Zoya Nail Polish in Chantal (14ml £10.50): You may know by now that Zoya are my favourite nail polish brand! This neutral "French Vanilla cream" is from the new Spring collection - it's just a gorgeous nude beige shade which I'd love to add to my nail polish stash.

  6. Inika Kabuki Brush (£26.00): I really want a kabuki brush for applying my Inika mineral foundation with! This particular brush is manufactured with synthetic hair and wood from sustainable forestry. It's really quite expensive though so if anyone has a more affordable kabuki brush favourite please let me know in the comments!

Are you taking part in #NoBuyJanuary? What's on your wish list this month?

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  1. Deep Steep Body Scrub is good, I have the Lavender & Chamomile one :-) I'd like to try some Zoya nail polishes

  2. Lovely wishlist! I love dry brushing, it's the best thing ever!<3 Zoya polishes are great and Deep Steep as well :D xx

  3. I'm going to try body brushing this year. A few times I've picked one up and then thought 'Will I actually do it?' and put it back down but it's going to be one of my resolutions this year! You've got me hooked on my Zoya polish and I need more now! x

  4. I want everything in your wishlist, especially the Deep Steep scrub! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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