March Wish List

I'm sure you'll know by now how I love making my monthly wish lists! Nine times out of ten I don't even end up buying the products that month, or even for a few months after, but I like to have my list at the ready! You know, just incase I win the lottery or something ;)

  • Fushi Organic Avocado Oil (100ml £9.50) - I've been meaning to pick up some avocado oil for ages now. It's been recommended a fair few times around the blogosphere and I think it would be a great addition to my small collection of oils. I'll probably go for Fushi's avocado oil as I already use their argan oil and coconut oil. They're great quality and much better value for money compared with other brands!

  • Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo (444ml £18.00) - I'm yet to find my "holy grail" shampoo but maybe this one could change that! It's pretty expensive but the bottle contains almost double the amount compared with usual shampoo and I've only heard great things about it!

  • One Love Organics Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque (60ml £34.00) - A new exfoliating scrub is on the cards for me and I've read some really positive reviews of this 2-in-1 scrub/mask. I think I'll get the 15ml trial size first though (£9.00) so I can test it out and see if I like it.

  • RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara (£24.00) - If you're a fellow green beauty fanatic you'll have heard all about the latest product launch from RMS Beauty. They have two mascaras to choose from - I think I'd prefer the volumising formula rather than the defining one. Realistically, I doubt I'll get this anytime soon as £24.00 for a mascara is pretty steep for me at the moment, but I can still dream!

  • Have you used any of these products before? What's on your wish list this month?

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    1. RMS's new mascara has got me interested. I'm going to sit back and wait for some reviews to come out.

    2. I've had my eye on Fushi products but never seem to get around to buying something from them. I personally, didn't get on with the Intelligent Nutrients Shampoo which is a shame, you probably thought this already but buy a sample size, it's what I did :-)

    3. I had the Eden Organic Avocado oil and loved every drop of it as it can be used for everything. I had a sample size of the shampoo and really liked using it x

    4. Avocado Oil is my favorite! It really nourishes my body skin (and facial!), my other favorite is also macadamia oil. Fushi sounds like a great quality source :)

      I'm also dying to try Intelligent Nutrients shampoo, I've heard most good things about it. For me personally, I haven't found any natural shampoo that is suitable. I might snatch this up in a later date.

      Oooh when RMS releases a product, it's hard to not get tempted. Especially when it comes to mascara. I'm pretty content with the Kjaer Weis one at the moment but there's nothing that's mind-blowing yet. Hoping RMS is great stuff!

    5. I've been eyeing the RMS mascara volumising formula also. I'll probably wait until I read a few reviews about it before I consider purchasing it. I just purchased a few things from One Love Organics this past weekend, I love their packaging!

    6. The Olivado brand is great for avocado oil, much cheaper than the Fushi one :) I use it all over my body and face daily.
      The RMS mascara sounds great, i'm still hesitant to try a natural mascara because they're so expensive and its so hard to find that 'perfect' mascara. So if you do buy it I'd love to know how it works!
      Roshni’s Journey

    7. I'd be interested in the RMS mascara too. I'm finding it hard to find a mascara I like but I think it's the same for everyone even with the non natural ones.

    8. I was really tempted by the RMS mascara but I'll wait for reviews for that! One Love Organics is on my wishlist too I love all their packaging! I tried the Intelligent Nutrients shampoo & conditioner which were both fine on their own but together it made my hair feel greasy straight after which was strange! They both smell delicious though...I'm still on the lookout for my holy grail shampoo too!

    9. Never tried avocado oil products before. I use Fushi's Really Good Hail Oil and it smells so good. I'm also trying to find a be-all-end-all shampoo and conditioner set In fact I purchased an organic argan oil set from Groupon today. Hopefully it will arrive this time :/



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