abeautifulbox S/S Sampler 2014

Since I got the very first abeautifulbox when it was created last year, I've been eagerly awaiting each new limited edition beauty box, which is released twice a year from online natural beauty store abeautifulworld. Each box contains a selection of abeautifulworld's best organic and natural beauty products in various sizes, from samples, to mini/travel size, to full sized products. As I always do with photos of this beauty box, I couldn't resist giving the bag a smiley face again - it just makes me happy!

When this year's spring/summer box was released on Thursday, I was away on holiday in Portugal with limited internet access. By the time I managed to log on at around 8am to buy the box it was already sold out! I was devastated to have missed out, but I came home from holiday to the loveliest surprise from abeautifulworld's founder Liz, who very kindly sent me a spare box left over from someone who had accidentally ordered an extra. So a huge thank you goes out to Liz for the generous gift!

There's a great selection of brands included as always! Inside the bright pink box:

  • MuLondon White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream full size
  • I've previously had a half sized travel tub from last year's box and loved it (reviewed here), so I'm really happy to have the full size now!

  • Bee Yummy Skin Food sample
  • Products derived from bees seem to be getting very popular lately. I wouldn't have picked this to try myself, but will give it a go!

  • Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow trial size
  • I've only tried fake tan a couple of times, one of which was the Cocoa Lite last year. Interested to see how this one compares - I think it's the darker version.

  • Dahliana Overnight Fruit Lift Créme trial size
  • Again this is another sample I've tried before from last year's box. I'm really glad I got this instead of the Bee Venom products by Nauture's Beauty that some people received in their boxes (bee venom just does not appeal to me at all)!

  • The Body Deli Firming Flax Eye Cream mini
  • Every product from The Body Deli I've tried so far I've loved, so I'm really looking forward to trying out this eye cream, especially as my Indie Lee Eye Balm has recently expired.

  • Marble & Milkweed Spring Tonic Serum sample and Rose & Chamomile White Tea
  • It's great to try more from this brand as I've enjoyed samples of Marble & Milkweed products before. I'm not very adventurous with teas though so that might be passed on to someone else.

  • Naisture Collagen Paper Face Mask and a Tili Bag
  • I have a big stash of both of these products! They're both great and I especially love Tili Bags for travelling so I'm happy to add another to my collection!

    Yet again another fantastic box from abeautifulworld, despite the fact I've tried all of the brands before (bar one)! This limited edition box costs £20* which is great value considering what you get inside - the MuLondon cream alone is worth £19! If you want to get your hands on the next box, out in October, you can sign up to the waitlist here to be notified when it becomes available!

    Did you manage to order this beauty box before it sold out? What do you think of the contents?

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    1. Looks like a great box of goodies x

    2. I received my one today as well; I had exactly the same selection of products as you except the melon foaming cleanser from The Body Deli instead of the eye cream. I couldn't wait and had to have a little test of the MuLondon cream and it smells absolutely divine!

      Kasia's Beauty Diary

    3. Haha Ria I love how you make the box & bag look like a happy face! Lucky you, how kind of Liz to send you one! I'm glad I got a Dahliana product too rather than Bee Venom. Although I think the Bee Venom is more expensive, I would rather use the Dahliana as I don't agree with using bee venom for beauty products! xx

    4. Ooh what a lovely box of goodies! The white chocolate cream sounds incredible! <3

      Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    5. Looks like an amazing box - so gutted that I missed it! x

      Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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