May Wish List

I haven't added much to my wish list recently, but of course a few things have found their way on to the list! This time it's a 50/50 split between skincare and makeup. I feel like I feature skincare a lot more often than makeup so maybe I'll make next month's wish list exclusively makeup for a change! So on to the products that have made it on to my wish list this month...

Deep Steep Grapefruit - Bergamot Foaming Hand Wash (£6.95)
I recently got my first Deep Steep products and was instantly blown away by the incredible scents! I'm particularly in love with the Passion Fruit - Guava Body Mist. I could easily add the whole product range to my wish list, but for now the next thing on my list to try is the hand wash in the grapefruit-bergamot scent (I know it doesn't sound the most exciting thing but I totally get excited over hand wash haha)!

Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo (£7.99)
Since my recent escapade into the world of eyebrow definition, I keep spotting more eyebrow products I want to try! This eyebrow duo is a new product from Lily Lolo - it has a pressed powder for filling in gaps/defining and a wax for holding brows in place. I think I'll wait to see some other reviews with swatches to check colours though, as the lightest shade could potentially even be too dark for me!

Ilia Call Me Lipstick Crayon (£20.00)
I'm not actually big on lip colours, but everyone always has great things to say about Ilia and I want to try being more adventurous! The idea of a crayon format rather than traditional lipstick appeals to me a lot more too. I love the look of Call Me, a fun pink shade which looks perfect for summer.

Kahina Eye Cream (£67.00)
I've read some excellent reviews of this eye cream so I've been wanting to try this for ages now. I always want to try any product aimed to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Unfortunately it's out of my budget for the time being, but I'll still be keeping it on my wish list to hopefully try in the future!

Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. Great wish list :) I've been really tempted by the Ilia lipstick crayons recently as well x

  2. Ooh Kahina Eye Cream sounds so luxurious but £67 on an eye cream?! Not for me hah! I do have the Indie Lee one in the post on its way to me though so I'm excited to try that! Ilia lip crayons are on my wishlist too :)

    1. Haha I know right! That price makes me want to cry a little ;)

  3. Interesting wish list! Thanks for sharing! I'm really interested in the eye brow duo since I've never heard of a powder/wax combo. Mine is a simple matte powder with two shades in it so I'd really like to hear your review of the Lily Lolo version.

    1. I will definitely do a review if I get it :)

  4. I want an Ilia and the eyebrow duo too! Good on LL to come up with it, rare to see a brow powder and wax duo, which I love!

  5. I'm also wishing to try out the new Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo!
    But I'm also a bit unsure about color, although it's the opposite, I have quite dark brown. Right now I fill them in with a rich Cacao brown eyeshadow so the darkest could be okay. But when checking out their video on the duo, the model has the same hair color and brows as me, and they paint her with the medium color. Probably either one will be good.
    Anyways I'm really happy do see an eyebrow product with complementary wax, for I have been looking for a clean product like this! :)


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