Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Facial Polish

Within the natural beauty world, Botanicals have made quite a name for themselves over the past decade with their award-winning natural and organic skincare products. Since I tried some small samples over a year ago, I've been through a couple of their hydrating toners and have kept a few of their other products patiently sat on my wish list! One of my favourite products from the sample set I tried previously was their Mandarin & Chamomile Facial Polish*, so I was over the moon to receive a full sized jar a few weeks ago!

Botanicals have recently had a re-brand and I absolutely love the new packaging design! This facial polish is essentially an exfoliating cleanser suited for all skin types, but it's particularly effective on normal, combination and sensitive skin. As is the case with most balm products, it's very concentrated so a little goes a long way. To use, you simply scoop a small amount of product from the glass jar and massage into the skin in circular motions for a few minutes before removing with a warm face cloth.

This is by far the most gentle exfoliator I've ever used! You really don't feel like you're scrubbing your face at all as the organic oatmeal and crushed rosehip kernel are so finely ground. Even though it's so gentle, it's still incredibly effective at buffing away dead skin cells and smoothing out the skin. I like to use this facial polish a couple of times a week as each time it leaves my often lacklustre skin looking much brighter and feeling so much softer.

I honestly can't sing the praises of this product highly enough! The ingredients used are also fantastic; 100% natural and 87% organic (certified by the Soil Association). Although the price point is quite high at £18.95 for a 55g jar, you really are getting high quality, and seeing as a little goes a long way I think the cost balances out over time (6 months shelf life once opened). It's most definitely a product and brand I highly recommend to anyone looking for gentle skincare, especially those with sensitive skin!

To find out more about Botanicals, you can check out their full product range at

Have you tried any products from Botanicals before?

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  1. Oh, this looks lush! I'm after a good facial scrub as I'm using one at the moment that is just too harsh and rubbish to apply. Must take a closer too at Botanicals x

  2. I love their Rose and Camellia face oil. The new packaging is so pretty too x

  3. Botanicals is a nice brand which I have seen grow over the years. I do like the new labels it does make the products pop. Sadly, my citrus allergy won't allow me to give this a try which is frustrating as I would like to find a new exfoliator

  4. Looking really nice....But I am not too much of a fan of removing an exfoliant with a face cloth...almost seems like a bit "too much" for the skin. x

  5. Sounds amazing and the packaging is so cute! xx

  6. It sounds like a good brand! I haven't tried any of their products yet but I will keep them in mind for next time when I need something new.


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