Christmas Green Beauty Swap 2015

November has come around so quickly I'm not sure where the year has gone, but the colder weather brings me excitement to organise the third annual Christmas Green Beauty Swap! For those of you that are new here, the idea is to exchange gifts with other green/natural/organic beauty lovers across the world! It's a lot of fun getting to know friends who share similar interests and, of course, giving and receiving gifts to open on Christmas Day too! If you'd like to take part in this year's international swap, just read through all the info below and leave a comment with the following details to sign up...

  1. Leave a comment on this post to say you'd like to take part, along with:
    - Your name
    - Email
    - Blog URL (or social media handle if you don't have a blog)
    - Country of residence
    - If you'd prefer a swap within your own country or an international swap.

    (The last day to sign up is 20th November)

  2. You will be randomly paired up (using and I'll send out emails to introduce you to your partner on 21st November, after sign-up closes. From there, you'll agree on a budget and timescale for your swap and let each other know if you have any allergies or specific ingredients you prefer to avoid in your beauty products.

  3. Get shopping for green beauty gifts! Keep chatting with your swap partner and browse their blog/social media to find out their likes & dislikes so you can get them something they'll love! 

  4. Exchange shipping details and post your parcel to your swap partner - make sure you send it with enough time to arrive before Christmas!

  5. Open your swap parcel on Christmas Day and enjoy! If you have a blog, feel free to write up a blog post about your swapping experience to share what you received and remember to use the hashtag #GreenBeautySwap on social media!
  • Send your parcel by recorded/tracked delivery if possible. That way it can avoid parcels going missing and your swap partner will be able to track the parcel. Also, send your package before the last recommended xmas postal times to make sure your gift arrives in time for Christmas Day!
  • Make sure you package everything securely, especially if you're sending internationally! 
  • Also be sure to check what you can/can't send if posting abroad to avoid any customs issues. (e.g. nail polish cannot be sent out of the UK by Royal Mail and there are even restrictions on sending it inside the UK)
P.S. If you'd like to help get more people involved, feel free to share this post on social media using the hashtag #GreenBeautySwap :)

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  1. yes please!
    Your name Sandra
    - Email
    - Blog URL (or social media handle if you don't have a blog)
    - Country of residence UK
    - If you'd prefer a swap within your own country or an international swap. UK
    Thanks for organising Ria

  2. Sign me up please!
    Name Annie
    Blog url
    UK based and happy to swap UK or international

  3. Yes please! It's Rebecca. nyro@rebeccagharis. Don't have a blog but am NYRO_RGarnett on twitter

  4. This is such a wonderful find, thanks for organizing!
    - Your name: Casey
    - Email: caymccoy13 at gmail dot com
    - Blog URL (or social media handle if you don't have a blog): Twitter and Instagram @naturallycay and @caymccoy
    - Country of residence: US
    - If you'd prefer a swap within your own country or an international swap.: prefer US

  5. I would very much like to participate in the swap! Here are my deets:

    Abigael Brown
    Live in the US, but open to swapping internationally!

    Thanks a million for organizing!

  6. I'd love to take part!

    Lynda (at) wonderlusting (dot)co(dot)uk
    Live in UK would prefer international

    Thank you!

  7. Sophia Moroz
    Country: US
    Prefer shipping to US but open to ship Internationally if needed

  8. Such a wonderful idea!
    I live in the US but I am also open to international:)

  9. Hi Ria, I know the deadline was yesterday but I hope I can still do the swap too!

    Sophie at aprillilyrose dot com
    Live in UK and would prefer to swap with someone else in the UK

    Thank you!


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