Best Natural Beauty Products of 2015

Although it's only been just under 3 years since I first began making the switch to natural beauty, it feels like so much longer and I couldn't image it any other way now! I still adore the products from last year's best of green beauty and even though I've been gradually reducing the number of products in my stash this year, I've managed to discover some new favourites for 2015 nevertheless!

Last year I featured Inika's Mineral Foundation and this year I've loved pairing it with their Liquid Foundation too. It's the only natural/organic liquid foundation that I've liked so far and it's packed with great ingredients that my skin loves too! It has a light-medium coverage but you can always build up more coverage by layering mineral foundation on top.

This eye cream was an instant hit with me and I've already been through two tubes! It has a surprisingly light texture but still smoothes and hydrates the skin around the eyes perfectly. I can definitely see this being a long-time favourite of mine!

I love the whole Lyonsleaf product range, but the Body Butter was easily my most used product from them this year! I love how their products are such great quality yet still affordable too. This product has really helped to improve my skin texture and is perfect for daily hydration. I need to pick up another jar soon!

I can't believe I only got around to trying Pai for the first time this year. I was missing out - I never realised a cream cleanser could be so effective at removing makeup! Just like the name says, it's gentle enough for sensitive skin and leaves the skin fully cleansed without stripping moisture. If you've never tried Pai before, I highly recommend this particular product as a starting point.

Another Inika product I just had to include. I've never been one for lipsticks, so this lip tint is the perfect compromise for me - it's one of the few lip products (besides plain old lip balm) that I actually use almost daily! It has a slightly metallic pinky/nude tint which I just adore and it's super hydrating too which is a great added bonus!

Mallow + White was a new launch this year and I was particularly impressed with their Soothe Face Mask. It comes in a jar as a powder, made with only 4 ingredients, and you can simply mix with water to make the mask. It's a total saviour for irritated skin, soothing instantly and reducing redness too.

I'm not sure if I've ever admitted to you guys that I have a bit of an obsession with eyeliner... I own more than my fair share of eyeliners, but I've reached for this one the most this year. It might sound strange, but I love grey eyeliner as a more subtle alternative to black or brown! I think this might have been discontinued though unfortunately as I can't seem to find it on their website anymore (sad face)!

Leave-in conditioner is something that my dry, frizz-prone hair can't live without. There are two reasons why I love this one so much - it doesn't weigh hair down, even if you spray a lot of product, and it smells really good too! I've been using this for about 6 months and it will absolutely be a repurchase for making my hair softer, more manageable and providing heat protection too.

Have you tried any of these before? What have your favourite natural products been this year?

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