Little Ondine Nail Colours for Spring/Summer

Little Ondine are one of my favourite brands of nail polish and I've been using them almost exclusively for 2 years now. They're also all I've used on my nails during pregnancy as they're safe to use, water-based and free from the most toxic nasties found in standard nail polish. Not only that, but removal is so easy as you can simply peel off the colour and the formula is completely odourless - no more headaches! You can check out my original review of Little Ondine here.

Although most of the colours I own are on the darker side (which I'll happily wear all year round anyway), my idea of the perfect nail colours for spring and summer are nudes and orangey hues. There are three shades in my collection that fall into this category and I'm sure I'll be rotating these throughout the summer months.

A nude shade is always an essential in my opinion. "Marshmallow" is the perfect pale neutral for any time of year, particularly when you need to keep it professional without a distinct colour. I recommend using two coats of this one to get the most uniform effect. When a little more colour is acceptable, I love the shade "Afternoon Tea" which is a creamy pale pastel apricot. This one is quite sheer though, so you'll definitely want to layer up to 3 coats to achieve a fully opaque colour.

My final favourite "Sweet Peach" is a glossy coral (pinky-orange) which is ideal for summer weekends in the sun. Two coats gives the best coverage on the nails and I think this is a great pedicure colour. If you have trouble with Little Ondine's polishes lifting from the nails too quickly, always make sure you avoid getting any of the colour on your cuticles. I always use the base coat "Secret" as it really helps to make them last an extra couple of days on the nails and also keeping hands dry for about 2 hours after applying makes a huge difference to longevity. When I follow these steps I can easily get between 5-7 days wear out of Little Ondine shades!

Have you tried Little Ondine before? What are your favourite colours for spring/summer?

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