NatuRia Beauty started back in 2013 to document my journey in transitioning to cleaner and more eco-friendly beauty products. Five years later, I exclusively use only natural/organic beauty products, sharing reviews as I make new discoveries and hoping to help you find products that may be suitable for you along the way! A lot has changed since then and I recently gave birth to a little boy, so you may notice fewer reviews from me while I'm away on maternity leave!

If you're new here, you can find out why I prefer to choose more natural products along with some advice for making the switch in my 'Tips for "Going Green"' blog post (updated version coming soon).

I also organise bi-annual international green beauty swaps (in the spring and for Christmas) so keep an eye out to sign up to exchange green beauty gifts with fellow bloggers!


Feel free to get in contact about products which may be of interest to me and my readers, or if you just want to say hello, have a chat or ask a question, you can email me at ria@naturiabeauty.com

(Please note I do not accept guest posts)

You can also find me on Twitter: @NatuRiaBeauty
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