Sample Stash #2

Here's a selection from my sample stash this week!

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner (full size £8.00)
This is the conditioner that goes with the shampoo (reviewed here). It smells wonderfully minty just like the shampoo, but it didn't really do anything special for my hair.
Weleda Skin Food (£5.35 for 30ml or £8.95 for 75ml)
I can't believe I've only just discovered this product! I can see why so many people love and rave about Skin Food! This is a wonderful thick cream which is perfect for dry/rough skin. My elbows and knees have been loving this and I'll definitely be purchasing.
Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder - Flawless Matte (full size RRP £12.50)
Another sample from Lily Lolo that I've been testing out. I find it does take away any shine when you first apply it leaving a matte finish, however for me the matte look didn't last more than a couple of hours. Also it's not very practical to reapply if you're out and about as the powder drops around everywhere and was a little clumpy! This might not be a problem with the full sized pot though.
Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum (full size RRP £48.00)
This is one of those products that I think you have to use over a long period of time to see results. It claims to even skin tone and texture of your skin noticeably after 12 weeks use. With such a steep price tag though I'm not at all inclined to investigate further!

Lavera Mattifying Balancing Cream (30ml RRP £13.50)
I was really interested to try this product on my combination skin, as this cream aims to simultaneously mattify oily areas whilst also boosting hydration in dryer areas. I applied this before I went to bed (it has a light fruity scent) and was pleasantly surprised in the morning as it really had done a good job at balancing my skin and left my face feeling really soft too. I'll happily be buying this!


Do you use any of these products? 
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  1. Great reviews!
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    Let's talk about everything

  2. That Weleda stuff sounds amazing! Definitely checking it out.

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    1. I would definitely recommend it :) x

  3. that mineral finishing powder looks interesting!

    1. It's good, but I think there are other finishing powders that I prefer to this one :) x

  4. On my last visit to Sephora I got a little sample of the Jurique Purely Bright serum, and I'm loving the texture of this stuff... plus anything that claims to lighten and brighten has me intrigued... so I'll be investing in the full sized version of this product and hope for miraculous results :)

    1. Oh wow it certainly is an investment! Good luck with it :) x


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