Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover

I've had a lot of questions about the natural nail polish remover I briefly mentioned in my June Empties post, but I wanted to put it to the test a good few times before sharing it with you! Like many of my latest natural beauty discoveries, I found out about Fresh Therapies via Twitter.

Fresh Therapies, owned by Nicola Dickinson, is the UK's first made natural nail polish remover. Now I don't know about you, but I was completely oblivious to the fact that there could be such a thing. I love painting my nails and was prepared to put up with having to take off my nail polish next to an open window, getting a headache from the awful toxic fumes of conventional nail polish remover for the rest of my life! One of the best things about this natural nail polish remover though is that it actually smells nice! Honestly there's not even the slightest hint of the terrible smell of other polish removers. Guaranteed no more headaches and stinking out the house!

Dimethyl Glutarate, Dimethyl Adipate, Dimethyl Succinate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate*, Limonene*, Citrus Aurantifolia Oil*, Citral*, Linalool*. *vegetable derived. All ingredients are biodegradable, cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover (£9.00) comes packaged in a 50ml glass bottle and is a clear fluid with a light natural lime scent. It's so gentle and non-toxic that it's perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin and is also totally safe for children and to use during pregnancy. It doesn't leave your nails dried out like others do so it really helps your nails stay healthy. This nail polish remover isn't suitable for gel polish like Shellac or for nail polish applied to false/acrylic nails but that's not an issue for me as I don't use those!

Now in terms of effectiveness of removing nail polish it really does work! I've found it works amazingly well with just one swipe if you've only got one coat of polish to remove. Two or more coats of nail polish does take a little more scrubbing but literally only an extra few seconds worth of your time!  It is slightly more pricey than your usual nail polish removers, but to be honest it's still a small price that I am more than willing to pay for non-toxic ingredients and the joy of taking off your nail polish headache free and without a peg on your nose!

If you're interested in trying it for yourself, you can order a sample from the Fresh Therapies website for 99p - I'm sure you'll love it! They're also releasing natural nail polish remover wipes soon which are perfect for taking on holiday or for a weekend away so I'll definitely be stocking up when they go on sale!

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  1. Its nice this is natural as I really dislike the strong chemical scents of normal polish remover :( this sounds really nice though so sure to give it a try for myself, thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. I didn't know this was possible either :) I hate the smell of remover so this is a welcome product to me and I love that it's gently scented. I just wish it was a little cheaper but I suppose it's worth it to avoid that disgusting smell haha!

  3. I've been looking forward to hearing more about this product and it sounds lovely!
    I'm definitely going to order a sample.

    Hannah x

  4. that;s a shocker! I'm definitely gonna try this out! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  5. Finally, something I haven't herd about. Flicking through my bookmarks I was thinking that bloggers all review the same products and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this. Sounds almost perfect to me, success all round!xx

    I'd love more reviews on less known products:)xx

  6. I've tried this before and was really surprised by just how good it is! Love the concept behind your blog xx

  7. I'm very curious about this, thanks for sharing!

  8. This sound very interesting, would love to try it :)

  9. Hi Lovely, Love your awesome blog. Gorgeous! I am your newest follower from Blog Hop and followed you via Bloglovin' & GFC.
    Feel free to visit, leave comments and follow me @

  10. This product sounds very interesting! This would be a brilliant alternative to my current nail polish remover. I think I would benefit from a product like this considering I paint my nails very frequently!

    Great post, you have a lovely blog too :)

    Natasha Carly x
    Pretty Little Lives

  11. I don't understand how there can be a "natural nail polish remover." Isn't that kind of an oxymoron? Either way, I'm glad it exists and actually works!! :)

    Life of Mabel


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