Friday Night Skincare Line-up

It might not be stereotypical for someone in their twenties, but I've always been one for enjoying a quiet night in on a Friday! Most weekends I like to have a little pampering session before spending the rest of the night chilling out reading or watching a movie with my other half. Tonight's skincare line-up is keeping things relatively simple! (Excuse the fuzzy photo quality, the lighting in my bathroom at nighttime isn't great!)

I had a makeup free day so skipped out my usual makeup removal step and instead started off with Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Facial Polish* (full review here). It's one of my favourite products as it's a super gentle exfoliating cleanser and always leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated. My skin has been looking a little lackluster lately, so to give it a bit of a boost I decided to use up the last of my Earthbody Brighten Mask sample from a Petit Vour beauty box*. I just mixed the powder with a little water and honey, left it on for a couple of minutes and my skin was looking so much brighter when I rinsed off the mask!

Since I ran out of my usual toner the other day, I dug out this little travel size bottle of Mel Millis Organic Neroli Hydrolate Mist Tonic which is perfect for balancing the pH levels of the skin. Neroli has quite a distinctive scent that definitely won't be for everyone, but surprisingly I don't mind it too much! Following up from the toner, I've been testing out Blue Labelle's Moringa & Raspberry Seed Face Oil* from their new Biologique range. I love how it absorbs into the skin almost instantly, leaving the skin matte and it's been really helping to balance my combination areas. Tonight's line-up finished off with my current favourite Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. It has such a nice, light texture yet still leaves your under eyes hydrated. I've actually noticed my milia have dramatically reduced since using this eye cream too - it's definitely a winner!

Do you like quiet nights in too? Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. Lovely picks! I'd love to try some Blue Labelle :-) x

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  3. I try to have a little quite time to just reflect right before bed. It helps center me, especially all with all the craziness of balancing blogging and everything else. I'd love to try out the Petit Vour box and Blue Labelle brand.

  4. I love quiet nights in, planning on one tonight with the X Factor :D Love the sound of the Blue Labelle oil, have been loving their cleansing oil :)

  5. The facial polish sounds beautiful, I'm a sucker for anything with chamomile! xx

  6. I am a huge fan of the Wonder Eye Cream from Balance Me, it is such a lovely cream and so hydrating x


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