Basic Travel Essentials - Facial Skincare

This month involved quite a lot of travelling around the country and I found myself sticking to a basic skincare routine while I was away from home. Even for just one or two nights, I always used to pack way too many beauty products that wouldn't get used! Now I've become a bit of a pro at packing only the essentials, I thought I'd share my current facial skincare routine with the products I'll usually take with me for a trip away!

  • A good cleanser that can remove makeup is an absolute must! When you're not in the comfort of your own home, it might be easy to just use facial wipes, but I personally gave up on wipes a long time ago as they really don't compare to the results you get from using a proper cleanser with a muslin cloth or flannel. My all time favourites for removing makeup are Pai's Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (reviewed here), which is ideal for when your skin is feeling sensitive, and Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm (reviewed here), which is great to use in the winter when skin can start to look a little dull. I always keep travel sizes of these two in my stash so I can choose which one to take away with me!

  • I find toner is a step that can easily be forgotten about, but a pH balancing, hydrating toner can really make a noticeable difference and helps with absorption of moisturiser/serums too! The only problem is that toner bottles aren't always very travel friendly, so I find it easier to decant some toner into a small spray bottle. This summer I've been loving the zk'in Hydrating Mist (reviewed here) to help against UV damage from sun exposure. A couple of other toners I love and can highly recommend are Kari Gran's Lavender Hydrating Tonic and Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Hydrating Mist.

  • Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (reviewed here) is one of those products that I'll use consistently all year round. Since the packaging is already compact, it's an ideal size for travel! When I'm away from home, I don't tend to sleep as well, so I definitely need something to help take the edge off tired and puffy eyes! This eye cream is super light in texture yet still perfectly hydrating for my under eyes overnight and it has a lovely cooling effect when used in the morning too.

  • I prefer to take a standard cream moisturiser in my travel bag as I've had a few leaky experiences with oils and serums in the past! I haven't actually found that "holy grail" moisturiser yet, so I'll usually pack whatever mini moisturiser I can find in my sample stash box at the time! This month I used up quite a few sachets of various products for evening hydration and also used up a mini pot of The Body Deli Solar Day Cream for daytime. I'm thinking of picking up a Pai Anywhere Essentials travel set for next time I go away!

    Have you tried any of these products before? Any travel skincare recommendations?
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    1. I really dislike using cleansing wipes even at festivals it always leaves me feeling so dirty. The cleanser you recommended sounds lovely, I'm always travelling too so could really use a simple cleansing routine.

      1. Ah I know, wipes are so inadequate for cleansing! I cringe to think they were all I used to use to remove my makeup a few years ago!! Highly recommend the Pai and Balance Me cleansers :)

    2. I also organized yesterday a travel bag with 100%'natural products for my up coming journey next Monday :-))
      I wanna try so much the body delhi❤️

    3. i adore both of these cleansers! Great choices! the balance me wonder eye cream is also a have favourite of mine too! xxx

      1. So good right?! We always seem to love the same products! :) x

    4. Thank you for sharing these tips :)
      I always tend to overpack when I travel too, but I've been getting better at it as well <3 Practice makes perfect haha!
      And that eyecream sounds really good! I've yet to find an HG eyecream, so I'll definitely check that one out!

      xo, elizabeth t.

      1. Ah you're welcome, hope you found it helpful :) Definitely practice makes perfect! You'll have to let me know what you think if you try the eye cream!


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